Worthy Brewing Co. (aka our favorite restaurant)

We went out for dinner last night to our favorite place so far. When we came to visit Bend for Christmas one year my parents took us to Worthy. It’s always busy but the wait times are never that long. For people with 2 kids that’s a must. Maybe it’s a Bend thing but everyone always seems really nice. 

They have this amazing pale ale called Pre-Funk (if you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you’ve seen my love for the stuff). Last night I got the Worthy IPA and it’s probably my new favorite. They have an even stronger IPA but I had to drive so Worthy IPA it was. The best part is, here in Bend you can find a huge selection of beers from local breweries in the store. Our Fred Meyer even has a growler filling station. Say whaaat? Yeah, it’s true. 

So then it’s dinner time and you have to decide what to order from a menu where EVERYTHING sounds delicious. I got the crispy cod tacos (new favorite) and Jake got a pizza. The man loves his pizza. I’ve never really liked fish tacos until recently. These ones are so good you basically force yourself to eat the last one because you don’t dare waste them. They come with this chipotle sauce drizzled on top and the freshest tasting mango salsa. And kale. I really love kale. I know, I’m gross. 

I mean, look at those things. They’re freaking beautiful. I’m getting hungry just looking at them.

We sat by the window which was really nice because you get a great view of their awesome patio area and Pilot Butte. It’s a big cinder cone you can hike. For those of you who are going “what the heck is a cinder cone?!”, it’s basically a baby volcano that erupted and the ash fell around the vent making it a mound shape. In a few weeks they are opening an observatory! How cool is that?! One thing you learn about Bend real fast is that there aren’t many street lights. They do that on purpose to preserve the night sky and make the stars more visible. Aside from the observatory (that big silo looking thing), they also have fire pits and a grassy area where they have bands and games during the summer. And kids can come! Parent win! 

Did I mention they also have their own hop garden? 

If any of you come to visit this summer we have to take you here!