How I meal plan, grocery shop and food prep!

Before I get into my tips and methods for staying on track during the week… take a look at this picture. This is a 5 year and 2-babies-later difference. And yes, I cropped my husband out of the one on the left. Sorry babe. 

I was 45 pounds heavier on the left. Yes, I’ve had 2 kids and that’s helped with weight loss but I also made major lifestyle changes.   

The girl on the left hardly ate a vegetable unless it was fried, drank soda 3x a day if not more, drank a bunch of alcohol, ate candy like it was popcorn, put bacon on everything, you name it. For my own personal body carrying around that extra weight was incredibly hard. I remember when walking up a flight of stairs was tiring. I hated anything that required physical activity. 

Once I got pregnant with Cason my mindset changed. I think I knew I was really unhealthy and finally needed to do something drastic. Thankfully with that pregnancy I really only craved fruit and vegetables, but I think it was partly wanting to eat better for his benefit as well. After I had him I continued to eat that way. I kept up with drinking a lot of water and eating healthy. I started adding in long walks and running and then eventually some light weight work outs. I don’t always eat super healthy but I try to. Same with working out. I now know that meal planning and having an organized grocery list are key for success. 

Spending a couple hours one day a week to shop and prep can save a lot of money and time throughout the week!

These are my personal tips and examples of how to plan, shop and prep:

1. Start by writing down the days of the week you want to prep for. *I left Friday out because we usually go out that night.  

2. Come up breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and write them down. I try to think of ways to reuse an ingredient throughout the week like roasted chicken or sweet potato. 

3. Write your grocery list based off of the menu items you chose for the week. I like to try to organize my grocery list so I’m not running all over the store. The joys of having 2 kids! This makes it so much easier to make sure you didn’t forget anything in each section of the store. 

Usually I use produce bags but they wouldn’t have looked as pretty!

4. I prewash all my produce before I start prepping. I use the fruit and veggie wash from Trader Joe’s. Love that stuff!

Extra tip: I always keep a container of pre sliced lemons in the fridge to throw in my water bottles. It makes it much easier to get that gallon a day in!

5. I plan to use the 2 containers of mixed veggies 2 different days during the week so I just get those all cut up and set aside. The broccoli can be used for 2 different meals so I put it in its own container. The pepper slices are for snacks so I cut them in thin strips, easy to dip in hummus!

6. I also make up a container of brown rice and quinoa and keep them in the fridge to use whenever I need them during the week. 

7. I put everything in the fridge/freezer organized by the days I plan to use them and the order in which I want to cook them.