The High Desert Museum

If you ask anyone here in town “What’s something fun to go do or see?”, they’ll probably tell you to go to the museum. It’s on the way to Sun River and last weekend we decided to see it for ourselves. 

I will admit I was not expecting it to be that great… but it was AMAZING! When you first walk in you can see different hallways of the building, each with a different exhibit. They have a lot to see. Native American exhibits, a World War 2 exhibit, reptiles and birds of prey, and my personal favorite: a western exhibit. 

We sat in on the birds of prey show where they let a falcon fly around the room. Then we saw a reptile encounter where my ever so brave 4 year old TOUCHED A SNAKE! You should know, snakes are my biggest fear and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have a hard time touching his hand to clean it after. I got to pet a huge desert tortoise so I kind of forgot about the snake thing. 

If I took pictures of everything they had, you’d be reading forever so, I decided to just show you my favorite section of the museum. You’re welcome. 

Do you remember playing The Oregon Trail? I never made it across the stupid river without losing my oxen. Anyway, this part of the museum totally felt like you were living the game. Without all the cholera. 

They have this incredibly detailed replica cabin that would’ve been home to a family of 7. When you walk in, there are actors dressed like it’s 1904 and they fully play the part. They talk like they live back then too. They were cooking potatoes in a skillet on the wood stove. That fire smelled so good! 

It’s more like a replica town. Besides the cabin there is an underground cellar, a horse coral, a barn with an old covered wagon in it, and a saw mill filled with antique tools and saw blades. 

*I loved the roof!

My hubby took this picture of the antique equipment they had outside the mill. He’s a pretty good photographer if you ask me 🙂
If you know me, you know I have a deep love for all things old and falling apart. These actual mill worker cabins melted my heart! You can tell they were once wooden train cars. How cool is that?! 

I also have to tell you that Cason randomly showed up behind us with this “Kid’s walking stick” he found. He was so satisfied with himself. 

All over the property are these beautiful wagons and stage coaches. My all time favorite movie genre is western movies so I was kind of in heaven.  

I didn’t get pictures of it unfortunately (you can’t use flash in the exhibits because they’re FULL of antiques), but inside the museum they had a whole room set up to look like a western town. A hotel, tea shop, Wells Fargo, and a bunch of other stores you would’ve seen in a John Wayne movie. 

I’m sure I’m forgetting to tell you about something but if you ever get the chance to go… DO IT! 

*Note to self: must go back for raccoon skin hats!