The best breakfast at Jackson’s Corner

When we lived in Maple Valley there was a place we’d always go for breakfast. The Black Diamond Bakery. Hands down, the best place to get a home-cooked-at-grandma’s-house breakfast. 

Now that we’re in Bend, we’ve been on the hunt for something comparable. I think we just found it. It’s up off of Neff road by St. Charles Hospital, in case you’re in the area. 

It’s called Jackson’s Corner and it’s AMAZING. 

You may know that I have an obsession with all things rustic, farmhouse and antique. But I also really love the modern farmhouse look. This place was so adorable with its mix matched pine tables and bright white everywhere. 

They have a simple menu with delicious options. Jake and I both got the Classic. We’re creatures of habit I guess you could say. 

You’ve got to grab a menu and decide what you want while you stand in line. It can be a pretty decent wait but it’s well worth it! 

The tables are really big (which is great for a family of 4, or if you go with a group), and they all have a little box of trivia cards. Nice to have when you have to wait a while. 

* Don’t you just love those little cutlery boxes?!

I also love their drinking glasses. They have a big cold case of drinks you can get as well as a coffee stand. All these cute mason jars are in a built in shelf for self-serve. 

Trust me. It looks amazing and tastes even better. You’ve got to try it!