Weekly Three

Each week I seem to come across a product of some type that I love and feel the need to share with friends. So here we go! I’m calling this the Weekly Three. I’ll post 3 new things each week (on fridays) that I really like and if I can, I’ll tell you where to get them. 
So this week’s Weekly Three is:

1. This amazing hand lotion I got from an Ipsy bag. I’m still adjusting to the high desert climate here in Bend and I’ve been so thankful for good hand lotion that doesn’t dry my skin out or get oily!

*If you don’t know what Ipsy is GET IT! You pay $10 a month and they send you 5 makeup samples. I’ve gotten full size OPI nail polish which is over $8 in stores!

2. Crater Lake Distillery chap stick! I know I know… it doesn’t actually taste like gin. My husband and I went out for dinner on his birthday and we did a tasting at this distillery so I bought this as a souvenir but I love it! It tastes like orange creamcicle. 

3. Ok so this one isn’t new BUT I’m still in love with it. Hands down the best bag I’ve ever owned. And that’s saying a lot coming from the girl who has an obsession and vast collection of bags. I can’t get over the wonderful smell of leather! This one I got from Lakeway Gifts, check them out on Facebook and Instagram!