Small town road trip 

I love small towns. Really love them. There is something just so heartwarming about old buildings barely standing from years and years of life inside of them. 

Most people day dream about a tropical vacation, I day dream about living on a farm down a long dirt road in an old town of less than 500 people. 

We found a town like that today. It’s called Brothers and it is the tiniest little place. The drive there was beautiful! 

I had been researching ghost towns around Bend (unfortunately there aren’t any for about 300 miles) and I came across a town called Millican. According to the website, no one really lives there anymore but the old store is still standing. And that’s literally all thats left.  

*This reminded me of a little store on the way to our family cabin growing up.

About 7 miles down the road and you come to Brothers. There’s a really cool old stage coach stop that we forgot to get a picture of. Now I have an excuse to go back! 

This was right off the road near the rest stop. The sign reads “Hatfield’s High Desert Ranch”. 

We saw a sign for Dry Lake and tried to find it but we ended up just following this long country road forever. There were free range cows everywhere and tons of little baby cows. I loved it! 

There are so many amazing photo opportunities along that road. The sky went on forever and the contrast of colors was unbelievable. 

Next on the list of places to see is Shaniko, another small cute town similar to this one. Maybe next weekend! I’ll definitely post about that once we go!