Clear Lake 

My family and I moved to Oregon from Washington recently. I’ve spent my whole life in Washington and always thought it was beautiful, but I have to say, I think Oregon wins.

Today we went for a family road trip to Clear Lake and to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it or nearly as beautiful. The name certainly does not disappoint. There is a resort area with these little old cabins you can rent and they have a general store, as well as a boat rental. We considered renting a boat but they were all rented out for the day. There’s my excuse to go back!

This picture above is the dock where the boat rentals are. You can’t really tell from the picture, but you can see all the way to the bottom of the lake right there. The water is so blue and green. Amazing colors!

We found a hiking trail which we THOUGHT wasn’t going to be very long… Well, we ended up walking THE ENTIRE loop around the lake. Roughly 6+ miles to be exact. With a 4 year old. Parent fail. It’s ok though, we gave him ice cream to make up for it.
The hiking trail was unlike any I’ve been on before. You start on a little dirt trail, cross a couple cool wooden bridges and then suddenly your on lava rock.This was the view you can see as you come to a little bridge just before the lava rocks. Can you even believe the color of that water?! It was even better in person. I was absolutely amazed. It felt like a completely different view and different scene wherever you stopped. On one side you have a clear view of the entire lake, then you stop again and it’s a little bridge over the clearest teal colored water. Next you cross that bridge and just after it you have lava rocks and a ton of trees. It wasn’t really our “plan” to hike the entire lake but we were so glad we did when we finished. We had our kids with us and our 4 year old hiked the whole thing. I think what kept him going was the difference in terrain. Parts of the lava rock you actually have to kind of climb over. He loved that!Also he found this giant tree stump. The size of some of these trees would blow your mind. One of the benefits of living in the area we do now is finding these little succulents hidden in the lava rock. I may have borrowed a cluster or 2 for my garden as a souvenir. I couldn’t get over the pretty red and green colors. You probably can’t tell from this picture, but this would be the perfect little swimming hole! It wasn’t that deep (enough to slash around in), but look at how crystal clear that water is! Just a few steps after the picture above, you get this view. I get chills even looking at this picture. Scenes like this totally affirm my faith in God. We crossed this skinny bridge (which was made from a plank of an old tree), and on the other side we found what I’d say was our favorite find of the day. We thought it was the Blue Pool but it’s actually part of a spring. We came around the corner to THIS. Can you believe this exists? And in Oregon of all places?! The color of the water was like a jewel. It was amazing. Completely worth the 6 mile hike and sore muscles! I’d say this was maybe 15 feet deep? Maybe more. A couple of canoes came through and when they were on the middle area it really gave you a good perspective of the depth. There were a few small waterfalls we saw along the trail but this one was really cool.

If you’re looking for a good hike or just somewhere to get amazing photography, I can’t recommend this lake enough!

If you want to see more (and definitely better) pictures, you can check them out on my husband’s Instagram. You can also see pictures from other trips we’ve taken in Oregon.
Thanks for reading!