Bella Taylor Budgeting Wallet

Just in time for the 4th of July! 

Lately I’ve been getting really serious about our family finances. How many times have you thought to yourself “where did all my money actually go?!”? 

I’ve been kind of nerding out about budgeting. One of the most popular and effective ways to save that I’ve come across is cash envelopes. For a week or so I just had envelopes in my wallet but it was kind of a pain and slightly awkward at the store to pull out the “grocery” envelope (maybe I’ll do a post about envelopes?!). I came across this wallet on Amazon and fell in love with it. It’s by Bella Taylor and this specific style is called Madison (I think it’s around $26?). I’m kind of surprised that I picked this one because it’s different from my usual taste, but I loved it. I love the little lock to open the front section. It has plenty of room for all my cards, 2 large sections for receipts or important papers, and a pen holder. This section is my favorite! Like I said, envelope systems are amazing but this wallet makes it SO easy to stay organized. It has 8 envelope slots, 7 of them have a little clear tab and come with inserts of categories! I only had to make 1 of my own. In the very back inside slot is a small change compartment. The whole thing zippers shut too which is great. 

You can fit quite a bit of stuff in there without it getting too bulky. So far I’m very happy with the purchase! 
Happy 4th everyone!