Victoria’s Secret Sale! 

I was in need of a little retail therapy today. I went in with the intention of replacing a few old bras. You know how that goes…

I, like most of us girls, love a good work-out outfit. Do I actually work out? Not really. Do the outfits make me feel like working out? Actually, yes. So I told myself this was a “motivation” purchase and if it benefits my health, then heck, but all the yoga pants! 

ANYWAY, they have an amazing sale going on right now! No joke. I walked out of there with 2 T-Shirt bras, a strapless bra, 5 pairs of panties, 2 pairs of yoga pants AND 2 sports bras. All for $177! That may not be the same for some of you, I live in Oregon so we don’t have sales tax (thank you Jesus!). 

The part of the sale that I want to point out is their active wear sale. Their yoga pants are normally around $55-60, but the sale right now makes a super cute sports bra AND pair of yoga pants $55! How could I pass that up? Of course I had to get 2 gets. Are you kidding?!

I got one pair of capris (left) and one full length pair. I know it’s summer but I loved them. I loved this pretty rose pink color. The long pants are nice because the logo on them is dark so it’s subtle and they have mesh see-through panels around the calves. I love the crisscross detail on the bottom of these capris. These also have smaller mesh paneling around the legs. I couldn’t put this bra down. I love olive green. It’s totally my color. I love that both of these bras feel very supportive and they’re super cute! They have a lot of different styles of the pants and tons of styles and colors in the bras. These were just my favorites. 

The sale ends July 17th! Stock up while you can!